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Knobs and faders are great for shaping your sound, but can be limiting when it comes to performing. Touché gives you an expressive way to control your hardware synthesizers, by directly linking your hand’s movements to the sound. Whether it’s a with a simple filter cutoff or a complex, multi-parameter setup.

Watch how to Connect to hardware
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Infinite Precision. Unmatched Speed

Extreme Precision
Unmatched Speed

Found at the heart of every modular setup as well as in standalone synthesizers, control voltage connectivity combines strong reliability with convenience. Touché has four independent CV outputs, which means that you can control up to four different parameters at the same time with a clean and pure analog signal.

Breathe new life into your favorite toys

Breathe new life into
your favorite toys

Connect Touché to your instruments with its built-in MIDI output, and configure which Control Changes* Touché sends with Lié. It works the same as with software instruments, in a unified, simple workflow. Once you’re done, you can even save that configuration right into Touché’s internal memory.

* Touché also ships with a library of pre-mapped hardware presets for a selection of synthesisers, ready to be used out of the box.
Take it on tour

Take it on tour

Presets saved in Touché’s memory slots can be recalled when you perform live. This enables you to prepare your entire setup for the next song, and multicolour LEDs help you track which preset you’re using.