Discover an amazing new musical instrument: one that pushes the very limits of keyboard expression. Prepare to dissolve the boundaries between you and music. Prepare to express yourself like never before.

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available soon

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There's never been an instrument quite like Osmose. A keyboard you already know how to play, but with new expression hidden in every single key. Meet the keyboard synthesizer where every sound offers you brand-new playing experiences. Let's explore your new abilities:

enhance your
playing experience...

Discover an instrument you can play like never before, where every note can be uniquely swelled, articulated, and curved.
Where every sound will offer you brand new playing experiences. Let's discover your new abilities:
The Initial Pressure on every key is capable of capturing a very wide palette of subtle taps.
The Initial Pressure on every key is capable of capturing continuous gestures with absolute precision.
Tapping a note, or swelling a note, can each be interpreted as different actions to provide completely different results.
Osmose's pitch is mechanical, and that changes everything. Play Vibratos and Bendings like never before.
Ultra-Dynamic Polyphonic Aftertouch: adds an extra level of sound control, with an unparalleled sensitivity and playability.
Vibrate a note to add articulations to your sound.
Push a single key to 'strum' a whole range of notes.
*played with prototype

...with 3D controls
in every key

Osmose contains a unique, patented mechanism that delivers three dimensions of control in every single key.
We call this new technology A.K.A Augmented Keyboard Action.

learn more about A.K.A

polyphonic initial pressure

high quality polyphonic aftertouch

polyphonic pitch control

"...there is nothing
out there like this." - junkie xl

Osmose was made by musicians, for musicians. Over the last few months we’ve been on the road asking some of our favourite artists to try our prototype. See their reactions below:

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Junkie XL

"To me, and a lot of friends who have tried it agree, these guys are the first to do an expressive keyboard right. There is nothing out there like this."

multi-platinum producer
300 - Mad Max: Fury Road - Deadpool

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Kaela Sinclair

"I really like the sensitivity of it"

Artist, vocals/keys for M83, Troye Sivan

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Mike Dean

"It's a game changer"

Grammy Award-winning producer
Kanye West, Jay-Z, Madonna

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"Osmose sounds and feels amazing"

Musician, music educator, synthesizer enthusiast
Jordan Rudess

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Jordan Rudess

"This instrument is a dream come true. I've been dreaming of it for a while."

Grammy-nominated Dream Theater virtuoso
Peter Dyer

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Peter Dyer

"I was getting so much expressiveness out of one sound, it's crazy!"

Musical director, sound designer, and producer,
keyboardist for Mariah Carey
Bill Laurance

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Bill Laurance

"The level of expression you can get on this real keyboard is unprecedented. It's unbelievable!"

Grammy Award-winning keyboardist
member of Snarky Puppy

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"This is definitely a must-have."

pianist/keyboardist and producer
keys for Marcus Miller
Virtual Riot

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Virtual Riot

"In terms of expressivity, this is definitely something like I've never felt before."

German DJ and electronic music producer
Sofia Hultquist

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Sofia Hultquist

"You guys really did something cool"

Award-winning Composer
Ron Avant

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Ron Avant

"I feel like Stevie Wonder when I play this keyboard"

Producer, Keyboardist of Anderson Paak
Gavin Greenaway

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Gavin Greenaway

"A keyboard where every key is a continuous controller... think about that for a moment... it's revolutionary! No longer is pressing a key a one-shot event. Osmose opens up a whole new world of subtle control for keyboard players."

Emmy award-winning pianist,
composer, conductor for Hans Zimmer
Sarah Schachner
video coming soon.
Sarah Schachner

"It's an all new way to create sounds."

Composer and producer, call of Duty Modern Warfare
Marc Doty
Marc Doty

"That's a the keyboard player's dream come true."

Composer, music educator, synthesizer historian
Geoff Stradling
Geoff Stradling

"It's gonna be fantastic, just fantastic!"

Pianist, keyboardist, jazz composer
John Debney
video coming soon.
John Debney

"You have these wonderful proprietary patches that really don't sound like anything else"

Award-winning Composer
Charlie Clouser
Charlie Clouser

"The world is waiting for this type of product"

Keyboardist, composer, record producer, and remixer
Jonathan Merrill
Jonathan Merrill

"It's mindblowing, beautiful!"

Award-winning composer, conductor, and producer


the most advanced sound engine for expressivity

Osmose embeds Haken Audio’s unique EaganMatrix sound engine: From virtual analog to FM synthesis, physical modeling and everything in between, never has a synth engine provided so much potential for expressive control. Explore an infinite landscape of incredible acoustic and electronic sounds.

learn more about the sound engine.

your existing synths just got better

Unlock the true potential of your favourite hardware and software synthesizers when you combine them with the amazing expressive capacity of Osmose. Even if your synthesizer does not respond to polyphonic aftertouch or MPE, Osmose can still control it:

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piano mode
Osmose can emulate a classic keyboard controller, sending simple velocity messages.
poly Aftertouch and
Global Pitch Bend
Control your synth with Osmose’s Initial Pressure system and Poly Aftertouch. Every key can also control the global pitch bend of your synth.
multichannel MPE, MPE+
Osmose is also compatible with the major MIDI protocol for polyphonic expression, and MPE+, for the most advanced and accurate response.
Standalone configuration
Set up your MIDI configuration directly from the in-built screen, without the need to connect to a computer.

carefully designed

The magic of a performance is found in the tiniest of details. Our goal was to create an instrument with style, manufactured with utmost care. We paid great attention to the manufacturing and finishing quality of the materials, their colors and different textures.

respecting your playing skills

We kept the keyboard form factor, but added revolutionary new capabilities. Osmose was crafted to enhance everything about the playing experience, but without compromising your core skills with a keyboard. All with one thing in mind: Go far beyond what a keyboard was capable of before.

adjustable sensitivity

Every musician develops a unique playing style. Sometimes the instrument needs to adapt, to suit a particular sound, or play more comfortably.
Osmose lets you trim sensitivity on the front panel in seconds, for a playing experience that always suits you.

let's start
a new chapter
in music

Combining traditional craftsmanship and modern technology, Osmose is the result of more than 7 long years of research and development. This was all made possible thanks to an unprecedented partnership with Haken Audio. Many musicians, composers, pianists and keyboardists also generously shared their ideas and feedback, so we could create an instrument that truly met their expectations. Together, we have created something new. Now, it's over to you.

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Osmose is one of the most expressive synthesizers ever created. It is a complete stand-alone polyphonic synthesizer featuring our patented A.K.A. mechanism, where the keybed responds polyphonically to pressure, aftertouch and note bend. It features a deep modular sound design engine, containing hundreds of incredible sounds ready to explore right out of the box, and can also be used as an advanced controller for hardware and software synthesizers.
available soon


KEYBED 49 Full-size keys with A.K.A. Technology
INTERNAL SOUND ENGINE EaganMatrix, a digital modular synth by Haken Audio
POLYPHONY Up to 24 voices
AUDIO OUTPUT Two ¼" TS unbalanced line outputs, ¼" TRS headphone output
CONTROLLERS Pitch fader, Modulation fader
PANEL CONTROLS 8 knobs/encoders, 9 buttons
SCREEN 4.3 inch IPS color display, 800*480 px, 1000 nits
PEDAL INPUT Two continuous pedal inputs, assignable to sustain or flexible synth parameters
DIMENSIONS 35.2" x 12.4" x 3.4" / 894 x 316 x 87.5 mm
WEIGHT 8.5 kg
POWER External PSU with lockable connector, 12V, 1.5A, center positive
*Specifications subject to change
30-day returns
one year warranty


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touché se

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