Helium extracts the essence of "Chill" music in an explosion of dreamy synths and smooth, organic textures

taste the chill flavor of helium

With its unique mixture of Downtempo and Ambient, "Chill" music can now be heard anywhere in our pop music universe. Helium extracts the essence of this trendy genre in an explosion of acoustic and electronic sounds, a fusion of dreamy synths and smooth, organic textures.

Blissful plucks can turn into mellow leads, and a magical mallet to an ethereal pad, with just a touch of your hands. From Tycho to Petit Biscuit, from Møme to Bonobo, the Helium expansion takes inspiration in today’s favorite chillout playlists.

Watch the presets in action.

helium presets

Our expansions offer a unique multi-dimensional sound layering, exploiting all the depth of control that Touché puts in your hands. Each preset is carefully designed and finely adjusted to be sensitive to the slightest gesture. It lets you experience a genuine instrumental interaction with your music, shaping its texture intuitively.

All sounds are playable within UVI’s free sound player Workstation, included in Lié's installer.

technical details

Music styles Chillwave / Synthwave / Synthpop / Future RnB / Tropical / Ambient
Contains 80 Presets
Compatibility From macOS 10.10 to 10.14 / Windows 10, 64bits hosts only
Requirements Lié 1.2 and above, UVI Workstation 3.0 and above
Size 240MB macOS / 220MB Windows 10