MPE Collection

mpe collection

Expressive sounds designed for creative hands

Broaden the horizons of your sound with Expressive E’s expertly designed collection of presets. Each sound in this versatile collection has been carefully crafted to help creators reach the full potential of MIDI Polyphonic Expression. Formerly exclusive to Touché users, this collection of expressive sounds is now available to all owners of MPE instruments.

Watch the presets in action.


From thunderous basslines to frantic taser leads, gentle plucks to sharp staccato, the Mercury collection of electronic sounds brings a unique intensity to your music production.


Float away with this collection of featherlight presets fusing dreamy synths with smooth, acoustic sound textures.

patchwork mpe

Carefully curated for seamless application across a broad range of musical genres, Patchwork MPE offers a selection of Touché’s most popular factory sounds interwoven with entirely new, avantgarde sounds.

mpe collection

Includes Mercury, Helium and Patchwork MPE Expansions - 240 presets
UVI Workstation
Format .UVIP, to be loaded in the included UVI Workstation
or in UVI Falcon** for full editability.
Requirements UVI Workstation system requirements available here.
iLok account (free, iLok dongle not necessary).
Internet connection for license activation.
**Not included with purchase