Clever tools for
a creative workflow

Lié makes it easy to play with Touché without having to spend hours understanding how to set things up. Packed with a set of quick and useful tools, Lié truly helps the work to flow in an unified, plug-and-play experience.

Clerver tools

1. Filters & Tags
Helps you find the perfect sound by filtering between hardware and software presets, plug-ins, and tags.

2. Preset List
Scroll throught the list with the buttons of Touché, play with the bundled presets or make your own.

3. Instrument View
Displays the interface of the hosted plug-in in a new window to let you customize the sound how you like.

4. Plug-In Selection
Selects and loads a virtual instrument, after scanning for which plug-ins you have installed.

5. Slots
Quickly assign any parameter to one of the four Shiftings of Touché, set sensitivity curves and min/max.

6. Scope
Shows in real time how much pressure is being applied on each Shifting of Touché.

Make music,
right from the start

Lié comes with over 150 sounds that you can play out of the box with the bundled synth UVI Workstation. These factory presets were carefully crafted to offer the perfect interaction beetwen touch, and sound. Here are some examples.

Make music

Plug-ins "à la carte"

If you want to make your own sounds, Lié makes it very easy to connect Touché to your favorite plug-ins. We’ve also designed more than 150 presets for a selection of popular synth plug-ins.
You can find a list on our sound catalog page.


Your synthesizers,
your sound*

Lié comes with over 150 presets that automatically map Touché to the factory presets from a selection of hardware synthesizers. Hardware presets can then be stored inside Touché to play with your synthesizers without a computer.

Play with Hardware Presets
Based on the factory presets from a selection of synths, they cleverly map Touché’s Shiftings to relevant parameters.

Choose MIDI CC
Fill the 8 slots of Lié with different MIDI CC messages, and set min/max values and sensitivity curves for each.

Memory View
Store up to 24 hardware presets inside Touché by using the Memory View window of Lié.

Create presets from a Template
Our templates replace the MIDI CC numbers by the actual names of the parameters. Full list of supported synths here.

Choose Voltages
Customize the four CV outputs of Touché from 0V/+5 V to -10V/+10V, draw sensitivity curves and send gates.

Scroll through presets and banks in standalone with the two buttons and coloured LED of Touché.

* : Only for Touché

Your synthesizers
  1. Lié
    Binds Touché to your synthesizers
    MAC OS From macOS 10.10 to 10.14
    WINDOWS Windows 10
    PLUG-INS Lié is available in VST / AU / Standalone formats
    Lié can host VST instruments plug-ins only
    VST FX plug-ins are not supported
    64-bit hosts only
    PRESETS 150 Factory Presets for the bundled synth UVI Workstation
    150 Software Presets for third-party plug-ins
    100 Hardware Presets for hardware synthesizers
    70 Templates for hardware synthesizers
    Manual Download User Manual