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The MPE Collection combines four banks of exclusive sounds into one versatile suite, ready to play with any instrument that supports MIDI Polyphonic Expression.

Watch the presets in action.

$119.00 $71.40

what is mpe ?

MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) empowers musicians to infuse each note with distinct character, allowing them to sculpt their music with nuanced gestures like slides, bends, and vibratos. MPE unlocks a world of emotive depth and personalized storytelling through instruments.

From thunderous basslines to frantic taser leads, gentle plucks to sharp staccato, the Mercury collection of electronic sounds brings a unique intensity to your music production.
Float away with this collection of featherlight presets fusing dreamy synths with smooth, acoustic sound textures.
Carefully curated for seamless application across a broad range of musical genres, Patchwork MPE offers a selection of Touché’s most popular factory sounds interwoven with entirely new, avantgarde sounds.
From deep pads and gnarly basses to colorful plucks, Carbon will inspire you with 60 expressive sounds, ranging across several sound categories and suitable for all kinds of genres.Originally a gift for Touché users, the presets of this expressive sound expansion were also added in the MPE Collection, making them playable from any MPE instrument.
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