refurbished osmose

are available now

Limited quantities, immediate worldwide delivery

Refurbished Osmose units showing small blemishes have been carefully tested by the Expressive E team and are now available. Refurbished units are fully functional and only display minor imperfections. 

$1,799.00 $1,439.20

about our refurbished products

All refurbished Osmoses are fully functional and include the same warranty as new products.

In most cases, the products are in near-mint condition. However, some items might show one or several of the following blemishes:

  • damaged product box (stickers and adhesive residue from shipping and RMA handling, other wear-and-tear)
  • slightly used preset and/or octave buttons (softer click feel and/or louder clicking noises)
  • potential marks/scuffs on the following parts: top plate, bottom plate, key touchplates, keys, slider caps
  • small impacts and/or injection molding impurities on the bottom case
  • cap button light leaks

Due to logistical reasons, it is not possible for Expressive E to display an exact description of the refurbished product that you will receive. All units are sold as is.

$1,799.00 $1,439.20


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