noisy II now with mpe

Noisy 2 merges acoustic and analog resonators into lively sounds. Built for MPE and expression, this synth makes sound design more fun.


next-gen mpe synth

Noisy 2 merges acoustic and analog resonators into lively sounds. Built for MPE and expression, this synth makes sound design more fun.
next-gen mpe mode offers brand-new playing interactions
outstanding engine based on acoustic and analog resonators
1200 presets
500 for mpe and 700 for classic controllers
easy, playful
and efficient

sound-design workflow

hear it now

Discover the presets of our resonant synth,
played with both MPE and classic controllers.

watch video

a characterful engine

modal-acoustic freshness

Modal synthesis comes to Noisy 2 with four new acoustic resonators. The Noise block has also evolved, offering new, meticulously crafted noise types for broader acoustic horizons.

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a characterful engine upgrade

analog-style timbres

Meet Noisy 2’s analogue side with its new pulse-width modulation (PWM) resonator, four extra filter emulations and an enhanced soft clipper, now loaded with a feedback.

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the deepest mpe

Noisy 2 offers a new MPE mode that goes way beyond regular MPE integration to fully exploit the potential of this new MIDI norm.

what is mpe?

use noisy 2
with any midi controller

Noisy 2 was designed for plug-and-play usage with all expressive MIDI controllers such as Osmose, Touché, Push 3, the Seaboard, etc.

No MPE controller? No problem. A classic mode lets you enjoy Noisy 2’s unique acoustic-synth timbres and add motion to your sound simply using your mod wheel or generic knob controller. 700 non-MPE presets are available.

what is mpe ?

get the best mpe experience with osmose

The unparalleled richness and the control sensitivity of Osmose* make it the perfect companion to fully exploit the power of Noisy 2. * used as a MIDI controller

discover osmose

meet noisy

This walkthrough shows what Noisy 2 can do for you.

check the tutorial

300 new touché presets

Noisy 2 is a no-brainer for all Touché users. Discover a huge sonic library of 700 presets combining the 400 original presets of Noisy 1 with 300 brand-new presets that exploit the new sonic features of Noisy 2.

discover touché

technical specs

expressive e’s hardware compatibility

made for both Osmose and Touché (SE)


macOS 11 (Big Sur) and higher
(Apple silicon & Intel chips)
Windows 10 and higher

Recommended minimum CPU: Intel Core i5-7400 or Ryzen 5 2600 (i7 or Ryzen recommended)
Recommended minimum RAM: 4 GB


VST2, VST3 & Audio Units

preset details

MPE mode:
500 main presets and 1000 layer presets
Non-MPE mode:
700 main presets (400 from Noisy 1, 300 new factory presets)* and 1400 layer presets
*also available in Lié for Touché (SE) users

licensing system

PACE iLok, no hardware dongle required, up to 3 activations. Learn more.

free tech support
electronic delivery

touché se

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