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$149.00 $89.40

hybrid tones

Our software synthesizer Imagine takes inspiration from the body of real life instruments. Combine layers of acoustic sounds, bend them and create unique sonic textures that both sound familiar and new.
hear it in action
Imagine offers hundreds of modeled instrument layers with very diverse and bold sound identities. All 400 included presets combine two of these instrument layers to offer unheard acoustic timbres.
sound design
Imagine offers visual and straightforward macros for each instrument layer, making for an efficient and playful sound design experience.
and articulate
Imagine includes a stereo delay, a reverb and a vibrato/freq shifter section to creatively shape sounds. A tilt EQ and a compressor-limiter allow for further control while a unique expressive fx module made of 11 modulation effects unlocks the wildest sound combinations.

the sounds of imagine

Imagine is an extremely versatile plugin that can be used in any style of music. Better than words, listen to these mini-tracks. Other than the drums, all of the sounds were created 100% with Imagine.

built for real-time

Modulation heaven
For further expressive possibilities, Imagine contains MSEGs (multi-stage envelope generators) that pack a huge collection of modulations for your sounds.
Modulation presets…
Every sound and parameter can be modulated by simple-to-complex envelope shapes that create grooves and textures in a blink. Dozens of envelope presets are included with Imagine.
… and deep customization
Each modulation shape can be modified or sculpted from scratch with a dedicated drawing tool, synced to the tempo, looped and much more.
optimized macro system
4 macros are available and can be assigned to any parameter combination to control various knobs at the same time.

Artist corner

Olivier Arson

"I really like how you can explore completely different timbres and behaviors with just one patch"

Award-winning composer
and producer
Cyrille Marchesseau

"Imagine is an inspiring tool, a new way to explore sounds with an intuitive interface"

Award-winning French composer,
Pianist and Producer
Paul - Half of Synapson

"Imagine is a very musical synth which brings acoustic resonances to your production."

producer and music engineer
Chapelier fou

"Imagine offers a very unique combination of physical modeling, audio effects and modulation sequencers."

musician, artist

get more creative
with sounds expansions

Meet Imagine’s sound expansions: Dusk (Film Scoring) and Nightdream (EDM/Trap), . Both banks have 80 presets and are fully compatible with Touché.

push further with touché

Imagine sound design dimensions are an ideal playground for Touché. Discover a whole new universe of sounds and playing articulations, fully compatible with Touché and its software companion, Lié.

want to
know more?

Discover more about Imagine by watching the walkthrough video.
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Imagine is an acoustic software synthesizer, inspired by the body of real life instruments. Shape unheard soundscape by combining and playing with diverse acoustic timbres.


Expressive E compatibility made for Touché (SE) controllers with legacy MIDI, no MPE (Osmose) support
Configuration macOS 10.13 and higher / Windows 10 and higher
Recommended minimum CPU : Intel Core i5-7400 or AMD Ryzen 5 2600 or Apple M1
Plug-ins Formats AU / VST / VST3
64 bits only
Preset 440 factory presets, incl. *.TEM versions for Lié
324 Instrument presets
150 arpeggiator presets
200 MSEG presets
Manual imagine's Manual
Licensing System PACE iLok, no hardware dongle required, up to 3 activations. Learn more.
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