cylinders bundle

the cylinder is the core of our technology. Its extreme reliance allows us to convert the smallest move into exploitable data


cylinders bundle

The cylinder is the core of our technology. It is what makes our products have an enjoyable instrumental feeling when playing them, and its extreme reliance allows us to convert the smallest move, the slightest vibration into exploitable data.

To achieve this, the cylinder reproduces the incredible precision of human fingertips. Its force feedback offers a very fine sensation of motion while keeping a great amplitude of control, enabling a myriad of musical articulations. Each cylinder type has a different shore, which defines its hardness.

about 'shore 40 pink cylinder'

This bundle contains 3 pairs of different types of cylinders.

Shore 40 Pink Cylinder

That's the Original Cylinder of Touché / Touché SE.

Shore 25 White Cylinder

This cylinder is the more flexible. It gets back to its default state with a small decay, and is very sensitive to touch. It reacts greatly to subtle pressures and precise movements.

Shore 55 Black Cylinder

As the harder cylinder of the trio, it is resistant to powerful gestures, has a strong force feedback, and returns to its default state shortly after being hit. It is perfectly suited for a more percussive playstyle.

cylinders bundle

Dimensions 15 x 15 x 15 mm (for each unit)
Weight 0.02 kg (for each unit)
Box content 2 x Shore 40 Pink Cylinders,
2 x Shore 25 White Cylinders,
2 x Shore 55 Black Cylinders
Compatibility For Touché or Touché SE
free shipping over $100/100€
30-day returns
one year warranty

cylinders bundle

Touché SE


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