Touché's Factory Expansion presets for UVI Falcon


This preset pack contains all the factory sounds that currently come with Touché in a special version that is compatible with UVI Falcon. These presets sound exactly the same as the regular factory sounds based on UVI Workstation, but offer full editability instead of a limited set of macro controls.

As a Falcon owner, in order to avoid doublets, feel free to delete the UVI Workstation presets after installing this preset pack. Head to Menu -> Preset Library -> Open Preset Folder. Finder/Explorer will open. Open the 'Presets' folder and you will get shown the UVI Workstation 'Factory Presets' folder that you could get rid off.

falcon presets


Contains 271 Presets
Requirements Touché or Touché SE, Lié (free to download), Falcon (not included)
Size 177MB


Touché SE

arché collection

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