usb nylon braided cable

USB Type A-male to USB Type B-male High Quality Cable


usb nylon braided cable

This High Quality nylon braided USB cable is the original cable included with Touché. This is a USB Type A-male to USB Type B-male cable.

Its twisted-pair construction ensure high-speed, error-free data transfer. Foil and braid shielding allow to reduce EMI/RFI Interference.

usb nylon braided cable

Diameter 4 mm
Length 1.5 meter
Weight 0.06 kg
Box content 1 x USB Braided Cable
Compatibility For Touché, Touché SE, PC / MAC, Printers, Scanners,
External Hard Drives and other USB Devices
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30-day returns
one year warranty

ground loop adaptor

Touché SE

touché se

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