The Augmented Keyboard Action (A.K.A.) inside every key of Osmose offers unprecedented levels of control. This means that despite being an electronic instrument, Osmose feels more like an acoustic instrument to play. Here’s how.

the anatomy of

Absolute sound control precision, directly from key launch.
Further level of sound controls, with an unparalleled range and playability.
Add vibrato and pitch bend by intuitively shifting keys from left and right.

every detail is

Our hands have the capacity to express a nearly infinite range of emotions, through touch alone. From the lightest caress to the most brutal strike, every action has a unique fingerprint and must be translated with absolute accuracy if you want to step up to a new level of expressiveness. Combining huge key travel with high-resolution sensors, Osmose captures details that other expressive keyboards simply cannot.

basic features

pressure feedback

When you press a key on Osmose, you’ll feel a subtle but very carefully calibrated physical resistance, giving you absolutely precise continuous control for every note. Too strong a resistance would result in a keyboard that is difficult and unsatisfying to play. The A.K.A. mechanism has been fine-tuned to achieve the perfect balance.

deep key travel

How to obtain great sound control without ample gestures while playing? To express yourself with precision and sensitivity, you need to use the natural movement of the arm and upper-arm. That is precisely why key travel depth is so critically important in order to preserve the essence of the traditional keyboard playing experience.


Only if the instrument is able to accurately sample your performance, the captured performance is truly yours. High-resolution sensors capture every detail of your performance. Whatever you play, Osmose will reproduce it.


from haken audio

EaganMatrix is the outstanding sound engine embedded inside every Osmose. This means that Osmose is a standalone polyphonic modular synthesizer, and doesn't require a computer or external hardware to produce sounds.

a synthesis

EaganMatrix is a unique modular sound design environment that offers a lifetime of exploration. From virtual analog to FM synthesis, to physical modeling and everything in-between, be ready to explore an infinite landscape of unique and wild acoustic and electronic sounds. Every Osmose comes pre-loaded with hundreds of incredible tones and textures to explore right out of the box, or fire up the editor and design your own.

when power
meets control

The sound engine can interpret just a simple application of pressure on a single key in infinite ways. Extraordinary interconnections of sound can be made, with every gesture and articulation of every note influencing every interconnection, pushing countless parameters in ways that will quite simply take your breath away.

Never before has a sound engine allowed so many interactive possibilities with the sounds.

easy sound editing

With Osmose, it's easy to make radical changes to the timbre, texture and effects of the sounds. Simply grab and twist the macro controls to edit multiple professionally pre-mapped parameters, designed to create the broadest and most satisfying changes with minimum effort.

go further with
the editor

a tremendous sound-creation system

If you want to go further in the sound design, the powerful EaganMatrix can be edited via a software editing program, the Continuum Editor (Mac/PC). Built to create advanced sound design for continuous instruments, Continuum Editor goes far beyond classical modular systems by putting the 3 control parameters of A.K.A at the heart of the sound design process in mind-blowing new ways.

EaganMatrix is like a laboratory of synthesis, containing a huge range of exciting building blocks for you to take advantage of.
Let’s take a look at just a few:

waveshaping oscillators

Flexible oscillators, that allow modulation of phase, frequency, and shape well into audio rates. The oscillators can also act as waveshapers, creating rich harmonic variations of another source input.


Five versatile multimode resonant filters, with different types and slopes.

Biqman, Biqbank, Biqmouth, and Modman

EaganMatrix’s core technology for exploring Modal synthesis – creating the sound of real (and imagined) acoustic instruments.


Sixteen sine wave oscillators in a cluster, perfect for creating ambient clouds, swirls and effects.


Get 5 Sawtooth, Square, or Triangle waves and play with their amplitude, frequency and duty cycle.


A granular synthesis inspired set of filters. Choose an instrument footprint and manipulate its harmonics.

kinetic model

Contains Organic Noise, Filter, Waveshaper, Oscillator and much more. A new kind of synthesis based on mechanical behavior.

multipurpose delay

From Flanger, Echo, Chorus to Waveguide and Feedback Delay Networks, with these, you can master time...

more about

20 years of sound research with passion

"We created the EaganMatrix for the Continuum Fingerboard based on a fundamental observation: HOW you control a sound algorithm is at least as important as the QUALITY of the sound algorithm. For the Continuum Fingerboard, finger movements from the player are continuously captured and transferred at a sub-millisecond rate to intimately control low-level synthesis parameters. The intricate design of the EaganMatrix allows for an “organic" connection between the player and the instrument that is reminiscent of a player’s interaction with an acoustic instrument. The Expressive E keyboard is the first keyboard designed with fast and accurate enough continuous sensing to truly exploit the power of the EaganMatrix. This allows the performance skills of a keyboardist to translate into exciting new sonic possibilities."

Edmund Eagan - Haken Audio's EaganMatrix creator


Osmose is one of the most expressive synthesizers ever created. It is a complete stand-alone polyphonic synthesizer featuring our patented A.K.A. mechanism, where the keybed responds polyphonically to pressure, aftertouch and note bend. It features a deep modular sound design engine, containing hundreds of incredible sounds ready to explore right out of the box, and can also be used as an advanced controller for hardware and software synthesizers.

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